Hi, Jay here!

The photographs that I capture demonstrate individuals who are devoted to their careers; ones who represent; character, knowledge, and most of all passion.

Wether you are an engineer, architect, hair dresser, or a doctor you all are a fundamental piece of our society’s evolution and deserve to be show cased as the hero you are.

I take pride in capturing the raw beauty of a work environment, no matter how neat or messy it may be, there’s a story to be seen. However, it’s important to always include the individual within the frame, because without them, there is no story to tell.

With nearly eight-hundred million viewers on Instagram and one billion on Facebook, eighty-four percent of our viewers communicate through visuals and eighty-one percent skim through readable content. This gives 650 percent more engagement to visual content rather text only. That being said, I create visual content for local and corporate companies who are looking for photographs to tell their story to their viewers.